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Multi-Layer Intelligent Module Unit Design Fine Tolerances Infrared Conveyor Oven

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The oven is a non-standard product, which is customized according to requirements. The height has single layers, three layers and five layers. The length is designed to be between 4 and 80 meters. The roasting room is a narrow tunnel width. Generally 40cm~160cm. There is a continuously operating conveyor system inside the tunnel. When the material is roasted, it is advanced in the oven through a conveyor chain, steel belt or mesh belt. Evenly roasted, continuous roasting, the surface of the material is clean, the roasting quality is stable, the production efficiency is high, and manpower is saved. The energy consumption value is determined according to the design requirements, and the output is at least 200kg/h.


  • All the production process using computer control. Upper IPC computer, the lower is PLC. Infrared thermometers detect glass surface temperatures, the surface temperature of the glass based on the computer automatically changes the furnace wire control program, so that the glass forming a more stable and consistent.
  • Critical control components of all the world-famous company's products, such as Siemens, Omron, Schneider, good reliability, low failure rate.
  • Heating box is designed as box-type structure, good insulation properties, low energy consumption. Observation window quartz glass, high temperature resistant, unbreakable.

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