Product Details

Fully Automatic Skincare / Lipstick / Small Soap Carton Boxes Packing Machine

Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

This small packing machine is a kind of vertical packing machine with 10 head weight or 14 head weight.. This is suitable for automatic packaging particle like peanuts, grain, tea, dumplings, gourmet, coffee, sugar. There are particle weighing, block weighing, strip materials like puffing food, nuts weighing, sweets(candy) weighing, seeds or roasted seeds weighing, biscuits weighing, beans weighing, jelly weighing, plum weighing, chocolate weighing and other hardware products weighing that can use this equipment. It is of great quality with the measuring error within1.5g.

1. The small packing machine is of high precision sensor.
2. The open & close speed of the material hopper cover can be adjusted.
3. There is a stepping motor equipped in the automatic weighing machine, which can makes it smooth and stable run, long service life .
4. Optional for our machine: patterned scale, bin, printing device.
5. Measuring error: within ±1.5g.

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